In This Labor Market, Focus on Nonwage Factors

June 23, 2021

The United States economy is rapidly recovering from COVID-19 and the lockdown-induced recession. Businesses, however, are facing a new host of challenges.

For one, costs are skyrocketing. Supply chains remain unpredictable. Raw materials are expensive. And as a result, the Producer Price Index has climbed nearly 7 percent since this time last year—the metric’s largest increase on record.

For another, labor markets are tight. Driven by enhanced federal unemployment benefits and workers hesitant to risk the virus, businesses across the country are having trouble filling positions.

These interrelated challenges—high input prices and low labor supply—are offering a massive threat to companies with frontline workforces. Even as the economy rebounds, paying competitive wages is harder than ever.

Maybe competitive wages aren’t the only way to stand out in this labor market.

78 percent of employee exits have nothing to do with wages. Instead, most workers quit because of work environment, lack of promotional opportunities, flexibility, and other nonwage factors. In other words—beyond a focus on boosting wages, employers ought to revamp the way that they do frontline workforce management.

And that’s where Qlicket comes in.

We have years of helping businesses in sectors like manufacturing and logistics engage their frontline staff. We’re experts at figuring out why businesses have trouble attracting and keeping employees. 

Through our kiosk solution, we deploy a robust statistical process to help business leaders drill down on the systemic issues in their workplaces. Employees who use Qlicket feel heard, appreciated, and engaged. They’re less likely to quit and more likely to be highly satisfied.

We’ve also updated our kiosks for COVID-19. With built-in sanitation and touchless options, employees can continue to trust Qlicket while saying safe from the virus.

With Qlicket, you can stand out in this economy. Even more so, you can improve the lives of your employees for years to come.

Click here to learn more.

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