Stopping turnover,
before it stops you.

Employee churn is bad for business. We give you the insights you need to stop the problem before it spirals out of control.

Excessive turnover erodes workforces.


Relationships and synergies fail to form between employees.


Employees with less experience are less likely to innovate.


Customers get lower value from a low-experience workforce.


Recruiting, onboarding, and training take a chunk out of the bottom line.

Helping you help employees through real-time analytics.

The Employee Turnover Butterfly Effect

Before you know it, a few instances of employee turnover can ripple across a company.

Ditch the old ways of measuring your workforce.


Employee Surveys

Suggestion Boxes

Computer Screen with Kiosk Templates Like Netflix Movie Screen


As easy as selecting a movie on Netflix.


Make our 800+ templates even more suited to your workforce.

Kiosk Creation Screen on Laptop Showing Forklift Safety Question
Kiosk Showing Poll Question on Forklift Safety


Gather responses from your employees through campaigns.


Get a deep dive on your workforce’s responses and act accordingly.

Build a healthy workforce with data-driven insights.​

See how our solution has worked for other companies.

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