Get Your Audience to Give More Feedback

You can't fix what you don't know. Capture up to 12x more feedback from customers and employees.

Take a pulse of how people feel in your organization.


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Actively solicit feedback and
decide what questions to ask.


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Request feedback while your
audience is most engaged.


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Gather insights and respond
to concerns in real-time.

No time for lengthy surveys?
This is perfect for you!

Very few people actually like taking surveys. As a result, survey data is often limited or skewed.

Qlicket capitalizes on a medium everyone uses – WiFi – to capture more, higher quality feedback from your audience, and turn those thoughts into actionable insights that drive better engagement and higher satisfaction.

Our patented gateway controller sits locally, onsite at your establishment, and gathers all feedback and commentary as your audience navigates the WiFi.

Qlicket sample dashboard

We guarantee you'll get more real-time, actionable responses.

0:59 Feedback in under a minute
90% Response rate
12x More qualitative reviews
250,000 Responses collected

Built for customer and employee engagement. Approved by IT.

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Collect and own
  your response data.

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Create a two-way
 channel for dialogue.

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Turn insights
 into revenue.

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Increase customer
and employee satisfaction.

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Utilize our patented hardware  and software solution.

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Improve loyalty.
 Boost sales.

100+ Establishments | 99% Customer Retention

"A brand educator who saw our feedback when he was here was very impressed. He will be recommending it to other properties, and other regional managers. I wanted to give you a heads up and let you know how powerful this feedback system is." – James Niagu, Best Western Princeton Manor Inn & Suites
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