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Introducing Qlicket’s
Embedded Delivery System (EDS)

The Qlicket EDS gives you a smarter, more powerful way to communicate and engage your employees.

We integrate with your existing network setup to allow you to ask questions, share updates,
and request feedback from your workforce in real time, as they access the Internet.

Manage all aspects of employee engagement from one place.

How it Works

Integrate plug and play hardware into your network

Create, target, and schedule your custom interactions

View aggregated feedback in real-time, along with a smart feed of suggestions for future interactions

Why it Works


Not everyone responds to emails. Few pick up the phone. But everyone accesses the Internet.


Schedule questions, aggregate feedback, and identify trends based on one-click responses.


Ask or announce anything. Choose from a pre-defined list of questions or create your own. Receive smart suggestions on what to ask next.


See trends that allow you to take action to prevent potential issues before they might actually become real issues!

The Result

You get a much more rounded picture of what your entire workforce thinks. And insights you can leverage to improve engagement and reduce turnover.

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