Qlicket Launches Touchless Employee Feedback Solution

April 27, 2020

Scan the QR code in the picture to launch an interactive demo and see the tool in action.

Gathering in small groups is discouraged. Roundtable meetings are cancelled. In a world doing its best to prevent the spread of COVID-19, workforce communication is suffering.

Now, more than ever, is a time to overcommunicate with the workforce. Employees are uncertain about their personal and professional futures. Far more than disseminating information about hygiene and social distancing, leaders must find innovative, safe ways to collect employee feedback, which is essential for a thriving, engaged workforce. 

Research shows that negative emotion is infectious. Workforces are susceptible to negativity, fear, and worry surrounding the coronavirus. Managers need to understand why their employees may be feeling negative, then quickly address the sources of negativity.

Likewise, the coronavirus is placing strains on workers. Managers need to understand these strains; in order to identify them, employees must be able to continue communicating. 

Perhaps employees would benefit from a different schedule so that they can care for their children. Perhaps they would benefit from additional personal protective equipment. Without communication, it is impossible for employers to notice many pressing needs.

Qlicket’s kiosk solution connects management and employees, facilitating company initiatives and employee feedback.

To help ensure employees’ safety during this time of uncertainty, Qlicket has taken the following measures:

  • Sanitizing stations: Qlicket encourages companies to mount kiosks alongside hand sanitizer or wipes, so employees can clean their hands after utilizing the kiosk.
  • Mobile phone entry: To avoid touching kiosk screens completely, employees can scan a QR code and submit crucial feedback with their smartphones.

To learn more, scan the QR code in the picture at the beginning of the post to launch an interactive demo and see the tool in action. 

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