Vivek Kumar – Qlicket Guest Wi-Fi – Pitchwerks #40

Vivek and Scot Standing in Front of Mural for Pitchwerks Cover Image #40

July 15, 2017

Two years old. Cash flow positive. Boosts customer engagement 11x!

It takes a minute for people to understand exactly what Qlicket does.  They understand all of the words individually – wi-fi, survey, service recovery – but something happens when those words get strung together the way Qlicket does it.  Maybe it’s because they DO understand the individual terms, and expect the story to go a different way than it ends up.

Vivek Kumar is the CEO of Qlicket, a guest wi-fi system that asks you to rate your experience in the establishment before joining the network.  Adding this simple step to the standard process gives business owners the chance to fix things that are bugging you – before you leave unhappy.  Vivek comes into the Epicast Network studios to talk to Scot MacTaggart about the product’s success in hotels, its history, and its plans for expansion.

Here’s Pitchwerks Podcast #40!
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