The #1 Most Popular Article in the McKinsey Quarterly for 2021

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February 8, 2022

The #1 most read article for all of 2021 in the McKinsey Quarterly, was “‘Great Attrition’ or ‘Great Attraction’? The choice is yours.”

The article has some great suggestions! It also cites many things Qlicket assists with on a consistent basis.

Some of our favorite highlights:

 “[Employers] don’t really understand why their employees are leaving in the first place

 “Employees crave investment in the human aspects of work … want meaningful–those necessarily in-person–interactions, not just transactions”

“[Great Attrition] is likely to persist”

“The Great Attrition could become the Great Attraction”

“[Becoming a Great Attraction] requires companies and leaders to truly understand their employees.”

“53% of the employers [surveyed] said that they are experiencing greater voluntary turnover than they had in the previous years, and 64% expect the problem to continue–or worsen–over the next 6 months.”

“[Many who quit did so without having a new job]–a reminder of the pandemic’s toll on frontline workers”

“The trend not only is poised to continue but could get much worse”

“Having more ‘location agnostic’ positions to choose from could prompt otherwise satisfied employees to start second-guessing their commitment to the companies where they now work, particularly if executives mishandle the transition to a hybrid-work environment”

Employers can’t fix what they don’t understand! … [A gap exists between what employees actually value and what their employers think they value]”

2x2 Matrix of What Employees Value and What Employers Think They Value

Include your employees in the process … Our research suggests that executives aren’t listening to their people nearly enough. Don’t be one of these executives.”

“If your only response to attrition is to raise compensation, you’re unwittingly telling your people that your relationship with them is transactional and that their only reason to stay with you in a paycheck”

The examples at the end of the article are outstanding. These include “expanding childcare, nursing services, or other home- and family-focused benefits.” Patagonia retains nearly 100% of its new moms with on-site childcare. Or, “creating additional levels within their existing ones. Waffle House does this, with “grill operators” who are at the entry-level, “master grill operators” for more experienced cooks, and the best cooks are known as “rock star grill operators,” a.k.a. “Elvis on the grill.” Love this! Finally, other examples include “staycation” packages or creating a Slack channel for posting photos and stories, encouraging employees to share these experiences.

If this is the McKinsey Quarterly’s most read article in 2021, and McKinsey’s audience includes Fortune 500 C-Level Execs, governmental organizations, and leading NGOs, then shouldn’t you be thinking about this as well?
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