Satisfying The Need For WiFi In Air, At Sea … Or In A Hotel?

Airplane at Airport Gate with Sunset

August 30, 2017

The Los Angeles Times recently highlighted technological limitations when accessing WiFi on airplanes and cruise ships. People check their phones nearly 50 times a day, according to Deloitte.  Slower WiFi might be the current norm at sea or in the air, but hotel WiFi is an entirely different story – the expectation for solid WiFi is significantly higher.

Ships and airplanes are moving targets; a hotel is not.  A hotel’s WiFi network depends on a host of factors, but primarily is dependent on i) the quality of the Internet connection, ii) the signal strength and throughput of the access points (APs), and iii) the capabilities of the gateway controller.  The X factor is often the wiring and crimps.  There’s no excuse for having a less than stellar guest WiFi experience at a hotel.

Hoteliers, understandably, are often concerned about the ROI on improving their WiFi network. More than 98% of guests expect solid and reliable in-room WiFi, and free WiFi is often the #1 most requested amenity, along with free breakfast.  Yet the hospitality industry has struggled to find ways to monetize guest WiFi networks, resorting to paid WiFi plans or third-party advertising.  There are better ways to earn ROI by offering Superior Guest WiFi.

What if we not only utilized the WiFi for guests to access the Internet, but also, when signing in to the network, to have them rate their stay by providing feedback?  We’re doing just that at Qlicket and have already seen numerous cases of onsite service recovery, resulting in increased customer engagement and revenues.

While we can’t do much about the WiFi in the air or at sea, we can do something about it in our own hotels. Are you offering your guests the most stellar WiFi experience possible?

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