How Does Qlicket Help Heads of HR and Warehouse Managers?

Qlicket Market Mapping Exercise

Qlicket’s goal is to put an end to avoidable churn
by using continuous employee insights.

What does that mean for me, as the Head of HR or as a Warehouse Manager?

HR is primarily concerned with the earliest stage of the recruiting process (the recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding process) whereas Warehouse Managers are more concerned with the middle and ongoing stages (training and managing new hires for optimal efficiency). More specifically:

Qlicket Gives Heads of HR

  • Less time and money manually surveying employees
  • Better morale, Glassdoor ratings, and “best place to work” awards for more, higher quality applicants
  • Less time and money spent recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding new hires

Qlicket Gives Warehouse Managers

  • There isn’t realistically time to get to know each employee and gauge their satisfaction individually
  • Better morale, for improved work quality and efficiency
  • Less time spent training and managing new hires
Even if you have the time to talk to employees, do you know the best practices for:
  • What questions to ask to gauge employee satisfaction?
  • How to gather the information?
  • How to analyze the data?
  • How to use the employee feedback to actually plan a response to address the issue?
  • How to implement a reaction plan?
  • How to adjust the reaction plan if needed?
  • How to check to confirm the plan corrected the problem?

There’s more to this than setting up tablets
and asking people to pick a smiley face.

We offer a full suite service through a combination of artificial intelligence and curated client success expert strategy and guidance.


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