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Engagement x Safety Scores

April 30, 2021

Higher Engagement = Higher Safety Module Scores

Qlicket’s data science team recently explored whether there’s a correlation between high employee engagement and high safety scores. To conduct this study, similar types of facilities were asked eighteen questions over the series of a few weeks. Here’s a look at some of the questions:

  1. Forklift Trivia! Where can you find important safety information, such as a forklift’s rated capacity, weight, fuel type, and attachments?
  2. OSHA Workplace Trivia! Barriers need to be in place in areas where workers could fall more than how many feet?
  3. Keep COVID away! How long should you wash your hands to prevent the spread of illnesses such as COVID-19?

Qlicket took its engagement ratio (the average number of responses at each facility divided by the number of people in that facility) and the safety module scores (the percentage of correctly answered questions at each facility) and ran regression analyses to see whether correlations existed. A positive correlation was found, along with an 89% chance engagement rates may explain differences in safety module scores across these facilities.

Please realize statistical analyses cannot prove other factors are not at play. That said, we’ve found other instances where higher engagement has lead to similarly positive findings, and other studies from Gallup and SHRM validate the importance of employee engagement.

So how can you increase employee engagement and safety scores? Increase communication. Two-way communication. With dynamic content that allows for real-time feedback and responses at scale. Qlicket can help with just that and much more.

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