New Network and Wireless Technologies at Philadelphia Tech Summit

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We on February 23, 2017, delivered the following presentation at Philadelphia Tech Summit:

New Network and Wireless Technologies. Designing a local area network from scratch is always fun, the wired side of this presentation will cover issues such as the latest Network management tools, design complexity to meet the requirements, PoE or not, just 100GB and choices for going beyond, and redundancy considerations. On the wireless side, although there are many ways to configure and use Wi-Fi, this session will focus on some of the newest tools that best-in-class organizations are applying to achieve the following goals out of their wireless networks:

– Practicing active management.
– Using managed wireless products.
– Prioritizing usage.
– Developing a guest policy carefully
– Building security from the start.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Qlicket – Philadelphia Tech Summit”]


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