How Will You Compete with Amazon?

Amazon WorkingWell

Picture: Amazon | Screenshot: The Verge

July 12, 2021

Amazon is building more in house operations to retain fulfillment center employees. Can you match them?

You might be familiar with the following predicament:

If I can make $17 per hour at an Amazon warehouse but only $14 per hour as a line cook, a notoriously hot, stressful, intense job, why would I do that?

The idea behind this was that Amazon was helping establish a new minimum wage of $15 in America. Amazon might be able to pay more. Non-compensation related factors were ways other companies could potentially compete, if not directly on wages and benefits.

In May, Amazon announced Amazon’s WorkingWell, which will attempt to fix employee health issues and provide healthy snacks in the break rooms. Amazon plans to offer WorkingWell in all of its US operations network by the end of 2021. It’s a great initiative.

If Amazon is building more in house operations to compete on talent for its fulfillment center employees, how will you compete?

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