Blue-Collar Jobs Boom

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February 25, 2021

Employment … now exceeds pre-pandemic levels

We hope you’re looking forward to putting this pandemic in the rear view mirror and getting back to normal. The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday about the blue-collar jobs boom, stating:

Nationally, employment in residential construction, package delivery and warehousing now exceeds pre-pandemic levels. Manufacturers have steadily added back jobs … Job openings in many blue-collar occupations broke above pre-virus levels last summer and remain significantly elevated.

If blue-collar talent acquisition is the oft-discussed conversation, then wouldn’t it be wise to begin thinking about talent management and retention of the frontline workforce? “The demand for the workers is not going to go down.”

It costs more than $3,000 to replace the average hourly worker. And yet, companies still keep thinking that dealing with high turnover and lower engagement is simply the cost of doing business with the frontline workforce.

At Qlicket, we keep pushing the envelope on frontline talent engagement, from touchless QR codes to anytime feedback buttons. We this month implemented Net Promoter Score® and a rewards / celebration platform for further driving engagement. Even before these implementations, we’ve been seeing 10-30% daily engagement rates, for something entirely voluntary and anonymous.

We’d love to continue a conversation on how Qlicket might be able to save your company millions by reducing avoidable turnover and increasing productivity with your frontline workforce. After all, “The demand for the workers is not going to go down.”

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