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How Good WiFi Keeps Your Guests Coming Back For More

In a previous blog, we mentioned that WiFi is now the number one most requested amenity in hotels. Across the United States, hotel guests typically request WiFi credentials within 7 minutes of checking in.

7 minutes?! That must be a record. It’s the average amount of time it takes to get a coffee at Starbucks. It’s also the average amount of time you spend in the bathroom and take a nice…refreshing shower in the morning.

With WiFi at the top of the agenda for so many of your customers, it’s got to be at the top of yours.


The answer is simple. Great WiFi leads to a better customer experience. Better customer experiences lead to better reviews. And better reviews lead to higher revenue.

Reviews & Ratings Matter

The 2017 Global Hotel Reputation Benchmark Report, released earlier this year, reaffirmed the extent to which consumers are turning to online review sites to rate and share their hotel experiences.

TripAdvisor.com and Booking.com capture the most reviews, followed by Google, which in the past year, increased its review volume by an impressive 461%.

The report further called out the fact that reviews of mid to upper range hotels (i.e., 2*, 3* and 4* establishments) are accelerating at a much faster pace than previously.

Customers aren’t only posting feedback, they’re actively seeking it out when they decide where they want to stay. Almost 80% of consumers look at online reviews before they make a booking.

Internet Empowerment

With solid, reliable WiFi at the top of your guests’ wish lists, it’s naturally something they’re on the lookout for prior to booking.

By having a good WiFi system in place, you can facilitate a smoother stay for your customers and tick the ‘empowered by connectivity’ box (or just ‘connectivity / WiFi’ box) on their check-list.

More Than Just WiFi

At Qlicket, we proudly serve the hospitality industry with fast, reliable WiFi. Our team takes the guesswork out of finding your dead spots, setting up access points and ensuring your connectivity.

In addition to a solid internet service, we can configure your WiFi interface to capture real-time guest feedback.

When a guest logs into your WiFi network, they can rate their experience and post concerns or queries. All feedback is routed back to your team immediately, giving you the ability to resolve their problems as they arise. The result is happier guests – as you have the power to enhance their experience – and better reviews.

To The Victor, The Spoils

Reviews matter to customers. Accessible at the click of a mouse, they directly impact perceptions of your hotel, which in turn impact guest interest, inquiries and ultimately, revenue.

Leveraging a good WiFi system, in addition to a real-time feedback application, can help you cultivate a better experience for your guests, leading to better reviews and more bookings.

N.B. Responding to reviews also makes a big difference. A study by Cornell University found that hotels that respond to up to 40% of their reviews observe a 2.2x lift in revenue. Let me please repeat that:

Responding to 40% of online reviews may lead to a 2.2x lift in revenue.

The case is clear. To the victor, the spoils.